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@tipU Promotion Service:

Key Points:
  • ROI: -25% (please remember about non-linear reward curve)
  • Instant upvotes: no need to wait for bidding round
  • Each upvote is rewarded with @tipU Profit Sharing Tokens (TPU on steem-engine)
  • Auto refunding: any amount that will not be used to fund the upvote (@tipU upvote value is the limit here) will be automatically refunded
  • Minimum payment: 1 SBD / 5 STEEM


How Does It Work

You can request an upvote from @tipU for your own post or a post made by any other steem user. This is onsidered as a promotional service that will increase the post's visibility by ranking it higher on hot/trending sections. This is especially useful if you're creating great content and want to build up your followbase.

Each upvote request is rewarded with @tipU profit sharing tokens (TPU) - created using steem-engine platform, TPUs are used to pay daily dividends to every token holder. Once you get them, you will receive the dividends as long as steem blockchain is operational and the more you have, the higher the divided (and each upvote request is rewarded with TPUs). Be sure to check them at investors section.

Anti-Spam and Anti-Plagiarism Policy

@tipU voting services uses @themarkymark blacklist api which aggregates blacklists from all major steem services and votig bots. This reduces the changes of using @tipU for upvoting spam or plagiarism to almost zero. This is good for both authors (more @tipu voting power for them) and investors (upvoting better content -> more curation rewards -> higher dividends).

Auto Refunding

If by whatever reason @tipU can not upvote the post (including the blacklisted author), @tipU will automatically resend the payment. Also any amount that could not be spend on upvote (@tipU maximum vote value is the limit here) will be automatically resend to the user.

If there's any unexpected error and you haven't received the upvote or the refund, please go to investors section where you can monitor and withdraw your deposit (any payment for upvote request is considered as a deposit before being automatically used to fund the upvote). You can also check #support at @tipU discord channel.